About the Company

Capital Formation Marketing, Inc. is the leader of an international consortium of Investor Relations and Public Relations professionals. Our team of seasoned professionals has direct contacts in major financial markets such as New York, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Bermuda, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Mumbai and Hong Kong.

CFM Consortium:

The consortium provides a source of talent and subject matter expertise for the purpose of collaborating on specific projects or transactions. Each of the participants in the consortium are independent contractors, some or all of whom may collaborate on a specific project or transaction subject to the execution of an independent and separate agreement. The consortium will not be interpreted or construed to create an association, joint venture, partnership or agency relationship between or among the participants or to impose any partnership obligation or liability upon any of the participants. None of the participants have any right, power or authority to enter into any agreement for or on behalf of, or to assume or incur any obligation or liabilities, express or implied, on behalf of or in the name of, any other participant nor will they be liable for any obligation, action or omission of any other participants.


Government Relations

Governments, Ministry's of Finance, Financial Exchanges, International Trade Associations, ...

Investor Relations

Business Media, Brokers, Analysts, Investors, Road Shows, Briefings, Meetings, Trade Shows, ...

Media Relations

Business Media - Print, TV/Cable, Internet, Radio, Newsletters, ...

Capital Formation

Contacts in Financial Centers Worldwide, ...


Emerging Markets, Offshore Jurisdictions, Government Relations, Asset Management, Mining, ...


Design, Content Development & Maintenance,...

Business & Marketing Plans

Market Position & Strategy, Market Analysis, Management Experience, Cash Flow Analysis, ...

Corporate Presentations

Fact Sheets, Press Releases, Brochures & Press Kits, Power Point Presentations, ...


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